Bill of Fare

Michigan Winter Breakfast

Breakfast Pies donated by Riki Tiki Pies, Ypsilanti
Assorted Bagels and Breakfast Pastries donated by Zingerman’s Bakehouse, Ann Arbor
Cream Cheese donated by Zingerman's Creamery, Ann Arbor
Gluten free  selections donated by Victoria Bennet
Oatmeal & condiments donated by Eden Foods, Clinton

Coffee donated by Mighty Good Coffee Roasting Co, Ann Arbor, and
edible Wow Magazine, Detroit
Calder cream and soy milk donated by Edible Wow Magazine and Eden Foods


Plated Gastrique Salad
Local greens donated by the MSU Organic Farmer Training Program,
East Lansing,  Goetz Farm, Riga, Senna Prairie Farm, Ann Arbor
Apple Chutney Vinaigrette created by Local Food Summit volunteers
Reny Picot Brie, Benton Harbor, donated by R Hirt Jr., Detroit
Pumpkin Seeds donated by Eden Foods


Spice Rubbed Chicken
Miller free range chicken donated by Eat Local Eat Natural, Ann Arbor
Maple Dijon Glazed Tempeh (vegan) Served over Grilled Onion Steak
Tempeh donated by The Brinery, Ann Arbor

Side Selections

Roasted Winter Vegetable Medley donated by Tantre Farm, Chelsea, 
the MSU Organic Farmer Training Program and Capella Farm, Ann Arbor
Rice Pilaf with leeks and toasted almonds garnishes donated by Eden Foods & Capella Farm
Bread basket donated by Avalon Bakery, Detroit and Cafe Japon, Ann Arbor
Honey butter from Calder Dairy
Gluten Free cornbread donated by Victoria Bennet

Assorted desserts served family style
donated by Ypsilanti Food Cooperative and Silvio’s Organic Pizza
Gluten free selection donated by Tasty Bakery

Local Afternoon Snack

Assorted free gluten baked goods donated by Tasty Bakery
Assorted vegan baked goods donated by Juicy Kitchen, Ann Arbor
Assorted fruit, and Zingerman’s Creamery Cheese selection
Lunch and afternoon coffee donated by Roos Roast, Ann Arbor

Menu prepared by 
Chefs Alice Gannon Boss, MS, CHE and Derek Anders Jr. 
of the Washtenaw Community College School of Culinary Arts  and Hospitality Management 
and Chef Kyle Kooyers of Fabulous Foods Catering 

Menu sourcing by Hillary Bisnett, Stefanie Stauffer and Dan Vernia