Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Planning for the 2014 Summit Begins In Earnest!

Greetings All:

Can you make a Local Food Summit 2014 Organizational Meeting?"  Please fill out the following doodle poll (with your email address so that we can be sure to follow-up):

In the coming weeks we will have at least 2 organizational meetings to begin the planning for the Local Food Summit 2014.  The meetings will discuss and brainstorm organizational structure of the planning team and sub-committees, possible summit co-chairs, possible themes and vision for the 2014 Summit, and logistics like dates/locations for the Summit.  All interested in helping plan the Summit are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Even if you think you would prefer to work on a sub-committee instead of on the overall planning committee it is quite helpful if you attend an organizational meeting.  Please share the above doodle poll with anyone who might be interested. Thanks!

If you absolutely cannot make an organizational meeting but are interested or have feedback please feel free to email one of us.  Below are brief notes from a Local Food Summit "future visioning" session that was held this past summer which provide some food for thought.

We hope you can be part of the community team that builds the Local Food Summit for 2014!

Shannon Brines, Jason Frenzel, and Kim Bayer


Brief notes: Local Food Summit "future visioning" session, June 2013.

1. Over the next 2-3 years the summit will focus on some of these goals:

- Fairing
- Innovation
- Mainstreaming
- More do-ers
- Policy

2. Our draft mission is something like:

- To increase fairness and innovation in the food system through increased participation
- Building a fair and innovative food system through increased engagement

Full Visioning Session Notes: